Uneven Pillars of Democracy

It is said that democracy stands on the four pillars – – Executive (Government); Legislature (Parliament & State Assemblies, etc), Judiciary (Supreme Court, High Court & Other Judicial centres) and  Media (Newspaper, Internet, Blogs & all the platforms that airs people’s aspirations). Democracy is like an implicit building that stands firmly on these four pillars. However, democracy in contemporary India is now standing on four uneven pillars, indubitably.

If we clearly look into the ongoing problems in the country, palpably it becomes evident that there is no coordination among the four functional wings of India, the huge democratic country in the world. Let’s have a look at the lacuna in the system:

Executive – As far as bureaucracy in India is concerned, mostly it is virtually functional through the legislature, an uneven pillar that can not be erected properly in the purview of increased corruption in the country. Going by the heavy influence drawn from the pillar of legislature, the pillar of executive virtually turns to be another slant pillar.

Legislature – Increased corruption in India alone is sufficient to state that the functionality of one of the crucial wings of democracy in the country turns to be limping. It not only makes one pillar of democracy stand skew, but also has a strong brunt on other pillars.

Judiciary – Of course, it is the only pillar that maintains its stature even this day in democratic India. Nevertheless, it becomes very difficult to take the entire load of democracy on a single pillar with the remaining three getting tilted in different directions. In this manner, judiciary turns to be over loaded.

Media – last, but not the least media. Media has been referred as the fourth estate and was given due importance in democracy for the simple reason that it ensures healthy and neutral discussions and debates of the focused issues for the betterment of the functioning of a democratic country. However, due to the ownership of the media conglomerates in the hands of most of the politicians, it has become a fundamental factor that media started supporting one or other side of the issue and gaining the consent of one party or the other. Reverse engineering is another new aspect being adopted by the media. The media present what the audience wants instead of presenting the facts. It is unethical as far as journalistic ethos is concerned, thereby making the fourth pillar, media leaning to a side.

We can clearly imagine the situation of democratic India wherein three pillars are leaned to different sides and only one pillar is standing erect. There is a need to change the situation. The only option we Indians have is to franchise our vote, effectively. There is no doubt that erecting the pillar of legislature would subsequently that the remaining two pillars stand tall (considering that judicial pillar is fine).


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