Emotional intelligence a need of the hour

Telangana issue has reached the ultimate phase of decision making. In the state bifurcation episode,Thursday and the remaining few days of Parliament session turns to be the most crucial period. At this imperative peak, youths need to adopt emotional intelligence as the only weapon they should be ever in possession of.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. Emotional intelligence is one of the five personality traits in the psychological perspective.

There is a possibility of only two outcomes of the entire virtual battle of Telangana that has taken place over a period of time – formation of Telangana or continuation of united Andhra Pradesh. It is for sure that one group of people may welcome the decision or the so called outcome, while the other group oppose. At this crucial juncture, everyone needs to be emotionally intelligent. Nothing ever happens with the sacrifice of lives.

The battle is won only by taking an active part both individually and collectively. Telangana issue has infused some sort of despair among the masses of either region. There should be a definite closing stage to the ongoing process in some or other way. The normal people have been vexed and they want an outcome of it that should resolve the problem once for all.

However, few weak hearts may not be in a position to digest the outcome, if it is beyond their expectations. The need of the hour is to promote measures to avoid the suicides bowing to the outcome of the Parliament’s decision. Media channels should consider promoting the issue of emotional intelligence equally, apart from presenting only news and views.

The media channels, through expert psychologists should promote the very issue – for ever since the Telangana bill has been sent to the Parliament, the suicides have again seen rising. At this juncture, the only option left with us is to prevent suicides. Media conglomerates should think of this very matter and focus the issue at an appropriate level.

With the sacrifice of the lives, the individual who commits suicide gives a lifelong pain to their family members. Nothing can ever substitute their being with the family members. So…. Just think….be emotionally intelligent….and achieve your target.


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