Telangana state: Dreams of myriad realised

As many as three generations have occupied a place in Telangana agitation subsisted in many fractions. Most of the first generation people like Prof Jaya Shankar and Konda Lakshman Bapuji have breathed their last even before their dream was realised. Nevertheless, the people of remaining two generations and survivors of the first generation like veteranContinue reading “Telangana state: Dreams of myriad realised”


Telangana Bill: Why voice vote?

Passing Telangana bill in either house while keeping the vested political interests intact has been a herculean task for any party- either ruling or opposition. Amidst so many hurdles caused by the leaders who opposed the state bifurcation, taking up the crucial Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill 2013 for discussion and voting was more than anContinue reading “Telangana Bill: Why voice vote?”