Telangana Bill: Why voice vote?

Passing Telangana bill in either house while keeping the vested political interests intact has been a herculean task for any party- either ruling or opposition. Amidst so many hurdles caused by the leaders who opposed the state bifurcation, taking up the crucial Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill 2013 for discussion and voting was more than an audacious act.

It was between the two equal and opposing forces, the bill was taken up for discussion in either house. A very important role was played by both Meira Kumar, the speaker of Lok Sabha and Kurian, the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha in getting the Bill passed in their respective houses.

The house proceedings of Lok Sabha were not telecasted live in the pretext of a technical breakdown of the system. Nevertheless, the entire world watched the proceedings of the Upper House, Rajya Sabha.

In either house following a debate on the Bill, the ibid bill was passed by means of Voice Vote. Voice Vote is the procedural way of obtaining majority of the house by the Speaker of Lok Sabha or Chairman of Rajya Sabha, when the house doe not remain in order.

For obvious reasons, in the purview of MPs standing in the well opposing the state bifurcation, there would be no other option left with the speaker of Lok Sabha or chairman of Rajya Sabha other than opting for a Voice Vote. It is a lawful method to be adopted and has constitutional validity through the rules mentioned for the functioning of the houses.

As far as Rajya Sabha is concerned, the two TDP MPs – Sujana Choudhary and CM Ramesh without a doubt were responsible for compelling the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha to opt Voice Vote for passing the bill.

Interestingly, proving the mathematical formula that (–) X (–) = (+), the one who opposed the state bifurcation have indirectly ensured the passing of the bill.


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