Telangana state: Dreams of myriad realised

As many as three generations have occupied a place in Telangana agitation subsisted in many fractions. Most of the first generation people like Prof Jaya Shankar and Konda Lakshman Bapuji have breathed their last even before their dream was realised.

Nevertheless, the people of remaining two generations and survivors of the first generation like veteran Congress Leader Venkata Swamy (more aptly known as Kaka) are among those innumerable people whose dream has come true – realisation of Telangana state.

In the opinion of most of the people, realisation of Telangana was more than achieving sovereignty for them for sundry reasons they quote. They feel that all these days it was nothing greater than bearing the shackles of slavery under British Rulers.

I personally opine that it was just the rulers who blemished the entire show and sowed a poisonous seed between the people of the two regions. There have been conjugal relationships between the people from all three regions, though it was limited. There is no doubt that rulers have overlooked one particular region which was the chief cause for such a long fight back. However, it is not the normal people who are to be blamed. The subjugated people will always fight back for their rights. That’s what has exactly happened in Telangana agitation.

February 20, 2014 will ever remain a golden day in the history of Telangana as on the same day dreams of myriad have been virtually realised. People overwhelmed with joy and celebrated the occasion patently.

I wish state bifurcation should only divide the regions and not the people of either region. After all, we are the branches of the same tree!!

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