TRS alliance offer of KCR has any takers?

Soon after TRS Party Politburo meeting that last for almost 5 hours, KCR, the TRS Party President addressed the press conference late on Monday and declared that TRS Party will not merge in Congress Party. It was a much anticipated move from the TRS supremo.

Getting Telangana as the 29th state of India has not given a due credit to the Congress Party, as expected. More or less, everyone in Telangana accepts that the demand of Telangana has become a national issue only with TRS Party and also accepts TRS as the major stakeholders in the entire course of action.

In politics, it is a most common thing that sentiments find their own alleyway to give victory to the parties. TRS party has the advantage of getting Telangana just before the general elections of 2014. At this crucial juncture, the decision taken by the TRS party supremo, KCR to not merge TRS in Congress Party is unquestionably a wise decision. By his decision, KCR has revitalized the party activists and the leaders who strived hard for making the party stronger.

Also, KCR has wisely come out with an open ‘alliance offer’ to all parties through a nominated 5 member committee of the party headed by K Keshava Rao (KK). As far as the national politics are concerned, three groups have been fighting for the summit. Nevertheless, the open offer can be wisely used by the TRS party according to the future situation that prevails after the frightening polls and their results.

Based on the executive poll survey results, TRS party has a bright chance of winning more number of Lok Sabha seats and assembly seats in the newly formed state – Telangana. Also, the results reveal that there will be again a hung parliament as no party is likely get a sure majority to form the government at Centre.

In view of the above, there will be a need for any cluster at national level to get support from TRS to form the government. By this, it is for sure that TRS party will play the cards, as applicable in the Centre as well as in the state.

It is most likely that well before the elections both Congress Party and BJP may come up to the TRS party to seek alliance. However, as conjectured, TRS will not extend support to any party before the polls, strategically to play the cards as applicable after the decree.

Yes, there will be many ‘takers’ of alliance offer given by the TRS party through its supremo KCR. Yet, TRS will not be the ‘giver’ before the elections, for sure. Is it not a wise decision by KCR, the clever politician?

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