Present-day politics Vs body of voters

The looming elections in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are very special as they are just following an imperative decision of state bifurcation. The politics in either state have been revolving around only issue – state bifurcation. The same political party which claims that the separate statehood for Telangana was because of their own party puts forward another version in other region. This situation is almost applicable to every party with the only exception of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), for it is confined only to Telangana region. The clear examination gives the factual indication that every political party has been equally entrapped in the mesh of state bifurcation in some or other way.

Apart from this, political parties like TDP joined hands with BJP. Bharatiya Janata Party was poised over the issue that they would be winning more number of seats in Telangana region. Nevertheless, joining hands with Telugu Desam Party has surely diluted their chances of winning polls in Telangana region, as most of the people of Telangana region consider that the Telugu Desam Party supremo has strived till the last minute to his best to stop state bifurcation. Not only the alliance between the two parties has diminished the chances of BJP winning more number of seats in Telangana, but also has ignited fire in either party cadre. The dissident leaders have filed nominations as rebels in the polls. Most of them have not even withdrawn their papers. For sure such rebel candidates would pose a question mark on the winning chances of the candidate nominated by either party. Similar to this case, such situation is unbridled among Congress-CPI alliance too.

More so, the political parties have kept aside even the basic norms of politics during the campaigning for looming elections. None other than the Chief Election Commissioner has opined recently that he had never ever seen such nose-dive politics in his entire career. Such is the present day situation of state politics.

From the other end the media channels in the form of exit polls have been coming out with varied versions of statistics. In any survey, the sample chosen for the study will play a vital role in arriving at the unbiased results. For any research work validity and reliability become two crucial factors. Both these crucial factors are questioned by the different results emerged out of the exit poll surveys.

From the other end, so much excitement is created by the social media. The netizens want a change in the live politics. Nevertheless, most of them want themselves just to be onlookers of change. There is no doubt that change is inevitable and it will happen for sure. Even so, such a change is possible only through participatory communication. Vote is a vital weapon that could decide the future of any country. But, in the established situation a vote is auctioned by the individuals (many not be generalised) for meagre amount. Has any individual who auctions his vote for money a right to question his elected leader regarding the development issues. Corruption begins from home and nowhere else. A need of the hour is to put forward the true spirit of participatory communication through the power of vote by all the folks. For a reformed society, there is a need for every voter to get himself/herself reformed.  Is it not a valid point? Just think, before you vote!!

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