Has state bifurcation played a blind game in AP?

An imperative decision of state bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has a great impact in the alarming elections in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh making these elections very special. The politics in either state have been revolving around only issue – state bifurcation. Every stakeholder wants to get benefitted through state bifurcation in Telangana; conversely, whenContinue reading “Has state bifurcation played a blind game in AP?”

Do we Indians have a right to blame politicians?

The contemporary India has been adversely affected by the so called corruption and has been spreading length and breadth of the entire nation like the cancer syndrome. We often blame the politicians for the corruption. Are the politicians solely responsible for the prevailing situation? Don’t we have any share in this? Surely, politicians are not aloneContinue reading “Do we Indians have a right to blame politicians?”