Do we Indians have a right to blame politicians?

The contemporary India has been adversely affected by the so called corruption and has been spreading length and breadth of the entire nation like the cancer syndrome. We often blame the politicians for the corruption. Are the politicians solely responsible for the prevailing situation? Don’t we have any share in this? Surely, politicians are not alone the stakeholders in corruption.

The Constitution of Republic of India defines ours as a democratic nation which is defined as of the people, for the people and by the people. Also, the election system followed in our country is such a beautiful arrangement that we people have the power to choose our own leader to represent our own constituency.

Conversely, franchising votes in India is governed by so many factors for Indian societies are very complex in nature. For that matter, a person who wants to contest in polls with a factual intention to serve the people will never get elected to the legislative institutions, if he does not satisfy various undefined conditions such as: belonging to the same caste of the majority of the populace from where he/she intends to represent; luring people with gifts and money, spending so much on campaigning etc.

It’s a matter of simple logic. How could a person who spends so much of money that amounts to crores of rupees towards elections will be honest enough to serve the people. Can we have a right to blame him if we accept his short-term hand-outs in any form to get a win for him in elections? Definitely, the answer is we cannot. The choice lies within us to choose between the good and bad leaders.

In this case, it is not even the political party an individual belongs to is to be looked at. It is not necessary that all leaders belonging to one particular party must be very honest. Generalisation cannot be done in this case regarding the goodness of the parties.

Just think and be prepared to blame the politicians for their wrong doing – for that we need to change our own attitude on priority!!


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