Has state bifurcation played a blind game in AP?

An imperative decision of state bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has a great impact in the alarming elections in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh making these elections very special. The politics in either state have been revolving around only issue – state bifurcation. Every stakeholder wants to get benefitted through state bifurcation in Telangana; conversely, when it comes to Seemandhra, no party wants to own the blame. This is a case of mere an exception that has ever seen by the voters of Andhra Pradesh.

The political equations of the state have been changing every now and then. There is no guarantee for the happenings till the time the polls are completed and the diktat is finalised. In Seemandhra, sometimes the wind blows in favour of YSR Congress Party and sometimes wind blows in favour of Telugu Desam Party. Similarly, in Telangana, the wind blows in favour of TRS sometime and in favour of Congress Party sometime.

Even it is not the case wherein the exit poll surveys can be relied upon for what one exit poll survey says is exactly contradicted by the other similar survey conducted by some other body or organisation. Surely, this introduces a misgiving into the picture if these are paid exit poll surveys. There is a great possibility for this as every political party wants to win the psychological impulse of the masses to lean towards their own political party. Whatsoever the case may be, state bifurcation has been playing the hidden blind game for quite some time for sure. Nevertheless, this alone is not the ruling factor in the polls, but a dominant factor for sure.


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