Indian polls a mere encashment of sentiments

Plurality is the nature of Indian societies. Nevertheless, all Indians have matchless qualities when it comes to the affair of sentiment. Around the world, Indians are recognised as the syrupy people for high levels of emotional sentiments they have intrinsically. This becomes the crucial factor and plays a vital game as far as elections in India are concerned. Elections in India revolve around money, mostly. So, in India, it is wisely and aptly said as money politics.

Any politician irrespective of his stature and the party he belongs to need to spend so much of amount in various types to lure the people. Such luring is intended for the encashment of sentiments. It means the politicians try to catch hold of the inclination of the voters so as to make the voters think that they have taken something from the politician for which they should give something in return.

Situation become complex when all the contenders try to lure the people in a similar way. What turns fundamental in such a case is the comparison of indebting. What is meant by comparison of indebting here is nothing but the intensity of sentiments a voter has for one politician over the other. For example two contenders aspiring to gain a victory in the polls may lure a particular voter with Rs 500 and Rs 1000, respectively. The voter will surely think of voting for the politician who paid him more (if all other conditions like belonging to his/her community etc are otherwise fulfilled).

Encashment of sentiments of the voters is wisely done by the politicians. The game is won by the one who knows the impulse of the voters better than the other. So the actual contest is not on the ballot paper. It is outside settlement in a befitting way. Thus Indian polls are nothing but a mere encashment of sentiments.



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