Can a change in Indian electoral system be achieved?

Change is inevitable in any sector. The very object of Indian electoral system is about to moulder due to the exasperating practices followed by the politicians to win the game of elections. From one end, everyone pleads for the limpidness in government and from the other end the majority of the people never dither to accept the enthralling gifts offered to them in variety of ways by the contestants.

The present day Indian society, the prevailing political system in it and the increased corruption in the country, for sure, exact in the offing change in the whole electoral system. But, how can such a change are achieved? Can it be achieved in a short span of time?

Surely, a change can be brought in the minds of the voters or the so called society. The only means of achieving such a change is through effective communication. Communication is the life blood of every commotion in our day to day lives and with communication even a complex thing becomes simpler.

So much of research work has been done in the field of communication and the most eminent professors of communication Prof Arvind Singhal along with his mentor Everett M Roggers have given wide promotion to the concept called E-E concept. E-E stands for the Entertainment- Education. The most can be achieved when the masses are educated in an entertainment oriented milieu. Such an education aimed for patterning the pulses of the voters will surely achieve the desired change in the Indian electoral system. Nevertheless, the change may not be instantaneous as such, but the change will be for sure.

The Satmass Media (a word coined by the author) channels can be better utilised for the very purpose of educating the masses on the subject issue. Satellite Television is very effective among the rural masses. This medium best suits among all other media. So, the better utilisation of this medium can be done. For all this to happen, a detailed plan is to be chalked out. Eminent personalities from all walks of societies should come forward for such an unavoidable change and design the sketch accordingly. The media channels should own the responsibility and campaign collectively for such a change. In such a scenario, surely a dramatic change in Indian Electoral System will be achieved.


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