New Media and New Challenges

With the advent of Satellite Communications that began with a simple research article titled “Extra terrestrial relays: can rockets give worldwide radio communication?” written by Arthur C Clarke and published in the Wireless World magazine in the year 1945 turns to be the basis of the New Media or the so called Satmass media (a word coined by Dr. Suman K Kasturi). Based on the ibid article, so much work went on in the past and at last the communication through satellites has become a reality.

Specifically communication satellites have come into force with the sole intention of supporting communication related applications. There after – Satellite Television, Satellite Radio, Satellite Phones and the Internet have emerged as the most important applications of communication satellites. The list is not limited, however. The Internet, which is more aptly known as the eighth wonder of the world has changed the communication world. We cannot even imagine the world without the Internet for even a single day. Such is our dependency on this new media. A good evidence for the same is – in the recent times, Google servers went down for just 4 minutes. It has given a judder to the entire world.

 New media has not only made good to the masses. It has equally posed questions on the survival of the human beings. Like Nuclear Fission and Fusion applications have both negative and positive sides, even the usage of new media has similar effects. It is purely on the end user how he/she uses an application or invention – for which the new media is not an exception. Wise handling of new media would do miracles in the communication world; and from the other end, misuse of the new media will destroy the entire humankind within no time. Folks, just think!! How you would like to use this new media is your own choice?


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