Student activities Vs Internet Knowledge

In this day and age, the entire education curriculum has been significantly changed; and the so called activity based studies are on a rise. For this activity based studies, more or less, use of the Internet has become a must. There is no doubt one need to update himself/herself in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) environment. Nevertheless, most of the time the students should depend upon their parents or peers for getting assistance for the completion of activities in their beginning stages.

What happens to the child whose parents are computer illiterates? In the present day scenario parents’ backing has become a must; and solely teachers cannot run the entire show. Such situation would surely mess up the condition of the students who are not supported by their parents or peers. There is a problem – and where is the solution? The solution surely lies within the school. School management should focus more on such students and give a special training.

 In the present day situation, most of the corporate schools carryout interviews for the parents before they give admission to their wards. It is for the same purpose – to know if the parents of child can assist them in his/her academic tasks. It’s nothing surprising that most reputed schools even deny admissions to the children of people who are less educated. It was not the case in the earlier instances. “समय के साथ चलो” is the tag word that is most suitable to the case. It has become a burning problem in the present day schooling environment. There is a need for the concerned bodies to address this matter appropriately and adequately.


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