Yes, it’s astrologers’ time

Whenever elections take place in India, the astrologers have a peak time for their line of work. Most of the aspirants want to check their kismet, even before the elections are actually held. This point is wisely made the most of many of the astrologers. They predict the victory of aspirants with entrenched impediments. In turn, they seek a huge sum for holding Yagnas and other sacred events.

No doubt how developed the world may be, some superstitions still prevail in our society. The same false notions turn to be the input for the astrologers. Astrology cannot be blamed. It is a wonderful subject which took its birth in India in the ancient period. But, for sure, there are only a very few genuine astrologers in the contemporary era. The subject which has been neglected by the Indians has been brushed up and researched by various foreigners in the recent times.

 The subject astrology has been neglected in India just because of the fake fortune-tellers. With a little acquaintance on the subject, they want to forecast the things. If it happens to be true by a mere coincidence, they claim it as their credit – else, they keep mum. There is a need to force out such fake astrologers from the societies.

Coming back to our tangible topic, apart from a negligible number of leaders, almost all candidates contending the polls have been approaching the astrologers to check their fortune. The entire process is making the astrologers richer and richer (and why not?). Is it not the astrologers’ time? Just think!!


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