Casting vote is duty, not an option!!

An analysis of the statistics of the poll percentage in India for any given election – let it be a local body election or civic polls or general elections for that matter, reveal that the poll percentage at an average lies between 50%-60%. What happens to the other 40%-50% voters? Nothing but, they never partake in elections considering that there would not be any change if they vote or not vote. The reasons may be sundry and specific to an individual for keeping away from voting. But, no voter should ever forget that voting is not their choice rather it is an obligation.

In a recent study carried out in India, it was revealed that all those who abstain from elections are mostly educated people. The case is so, because this category of voters has faith not an iota. They prefer nobody as their leader; so, they keep themselves away from casting their votes. This time the Election Commission has additionally included NOTA option. Of course, that may not have a direct impact in the poll results. But, for sure, it will be a way to change the prevailing corrupted politics. This option can be better utilised by all those who find no good in any contender. Is it not a wise option than abstaining from polls?

In general, the polling day is declared as holiday for almost all organisations with the very intention that all those who are working at various other places should go back to their home constituency to cast their vote. But, how many people take it as a responsibility and do their duty?

All those who assert for their rights should never forget that they have responsibilities or the so called duties as well. Without doing our own duty, do we have a choice to claim our rights? Just give it a thought!!


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