Epithet of election campaigning in Telangana

After a long time of election campaigning, Monday – Apr 28, 2014 – turns to be the final day for election campaigning. The last day is very crucial for each and every party as far as promoting their respective parties is concerned. Nevertheless, the parties seem to be focussing more to carp the other parties, instead of propping up their own parties.

So far, the parties have been involved in high level of election campaigning as far as the technology used and various other related aspects are concerned in the poll campaigning. But, the subject that was put in front of the populace during their election campaigning is equally opposed in nature i.e. the level is very cower and which is not expected out of the political parties of this stature.

Each and every party and its leaders have gone to a great extent of criticising, that too on the personal front. Action and counteraction was the most palpable missiles they used in the entire process of election campaigning. Do the general public really get influenced with such actions of the leaders? Even the people in the bottom rung of the societies have started hating the politicians for their dreadful activities. Such is the fallen stage of the politicians today.

If we consider any major political party, some or other leaders belonging to such parties have been charged with corruption related allegations. No party for that matter has established as purely an honest party. Then why should a political party pass judgment on the other party? Can’t they promote their own policies and agenda to win the mêlée? The epithet of election campaigning in Telangana reveals the only fact that parties believes in pointing out other flaws to swathe of their own.


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