Is boycotting polls an astute pronouncement by voters?

In the just concluded general elections in Telangana, few villages have boycotted the polls showing baulk over the irresponsible attitude of the politicians. They claim that no leader has ever bothered to look into the wellbeing of them, which in turn made them taking the decision together to shun the polls.

Going deep into this very matter, at few villages where the elections were boycotted, there are not even provisions for the basic amenities. The entire villagers have to suffer the stride of miseries for years together. Those facilities which have been demanded by the populace of ibid villages are not very great insist. They could be endowed with mere disbursement of the constitutional development fund allocated to each and every constituent. But, no leader ever bothers to embark on such an activity. For that matter, most of the leaders overlook such villages immediately after the polls. They remember once again, only when the elections turn up, the next time.

Is staying away from the elections a wise decision? This turns to be a dubious question. The argument can be surely supported in either way. It is justifiable – because – by boycotting the elections, far-flung villages come into limelight and their problems take delivery of wide publicity by which – in turn – justice could be done to such places or the so called bucolic areas. From the other end, elections are the means through which an elected member among the people is sent to the constitutional institutions to stand for them. There is a need to elect a suitable member who could effectively project the problems in the legislative institutions. Boycotting elections would not serve the rationale.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this entire episode, for sure. The lesson is meant for the political leaders who always consider the laypeople as the mere voters. It is not so; change is inevitable and a palpable change is seen in the masses or the so called voters, by now. They have been agitated moderately well to decide what they want and how would they get what they wish for. Few people can be coned for the entire time and many people can be bluffed for few time. But everyone cannot be deceived always. So, there is a need for the leaders to change as well.

The freedom of the people is intended for their betterment and not for the luxuries of the few elite communities or the political leaders. So much development has been achieved and so much is about to be achieved among the mentalities of the laypeople. That day is not far away when citizens nominate candidates by themselves and sends them to the legislative institutions of their own through the process of elections.

Politicians, just wonder about why should the masses boycott the polls and who is responsible for the same??!!


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