Politics blemish images of celebrities?

It has been a common affair in India that most of the celebrities like film actors – after a splendid career – would like to check their fortune in political career stint. Bygone are the days when people used to welcome their political entry as well – and their image in the previous career – used to add them advantage to their political line of business. The situation is changed now and people are looking the celebrity turned politicians another way and a different reflection is given to them for their political endeavours.

The assessment which the celebrity turned politician gets is at par with that of the general politicians. If they good to the people, they are welcomed, else, they will be expelled in elections. Such is the contemporary situation that prevails in India.

Consider the example of Chiranjeevi, who accrued a great fan following. Even the initial build-up of his political entry boasted off a great would be leader in him. But, just after 2 yrs or so, with him merging his PRP party in the Congress Party, the entire image of him has tarnished overnight. Now, the situation is so wretched that for his Friday road shows in Srikakulam district, very thin audiences were seen on the roads. Earlier, people used to rush on to the roads just to have a glimpse of Chiranjeevi, the Mega Star.  All this might be rooted to the very fact that people expect their reel events in the real world, which otherwise could not be attained by any celebrity until and unless they serve the people with a true spirit.

The clear analysis of this situation is common to the celebrities of other fields as well. The much acclaimed cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar was in news depressingly for not spending the constitutional development fund.

Certainly such a fad would smudge the image of the celebrities which they gained through many years of hard work. The question here is whether it is necessary for the celebrities to join politics to smear off their image gained through many years of hard work?


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