After elections it’s now time for guesswork

After so many days of shakeup for their respective parties, the polls scheduled in 7th and 8th phases in Andhra Pradesh have been concluded with the Wednesday’s elections in either region – Telangana and Seemandhra. The results are safe and sound in the EVMs. Even though doling out of the polls is completed, the political parties remain indefatigable with their involvement in conjectures and the strategic plans to be adopted, if they fail to get a clear preponderance in the poll results.

The political parties in either region have been involved themselves in only such activities ever since the campaigning was completed on April 28 in Telangana, and on May 5 in Seemandhra. For sure, no singular party will be getting more number of seats to be in a commanding position, in either region (state). So, most possibly there would be a need to take either internal or external support from various small level parties as well as from the independent candidates. If such is the case, how to get support from them has been the matter that bothers most of the political parties. From the other end, who should such candidates support is up to the individual parties and candidates.

Every politician has been waiting for May 16, when their future will be exposed, which has been so far stored and safeguarded in the EVMs. Both high percentage of polling in few areas, and low percentage of polling in some other areas has been an affair of concern for the political parties. For sure, the unexpected votes and their percentage in the polls will become a deciding factor of any candidate’s winning chances. All these matters jointly have become the matters of concern sourcing for the wakeful nights for most of the politicians.

After elections, now it is the time for speculations – not only for the political parties, but also for the general public. The betting has surmounted in most of the areas, especially in the urban areas, which has its base on the poll results, mostly. Such betting is varying from the disarming chances of a candidate to the majority with which the candidate may succeed in the elections. For everything the cut-off date is May 16, the day of verdict. 


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