High percentage of polling Vs influence of social media

The general elections of 2014 have seen a high percentage of polled votes, by the end of the 8th phase of General Elections. Also, the same situation is envisaged in the 9th (last) phase as well. India is all set ready for a new record of highest percentage of polling, this time. So far 64% remains the highest percentage of polls recorded during the General Elections held in 1984-85, right away after the assassination of late Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. Nevertheless, the average percentage of votes poled by the completion of 8th phase of General Elections -2014 is approximately 67%.

The clear analysis of this situation indicates that the voters have been agitated and motivated by some or other means. Most number of youth has shown interest in casting their votes this time. Such stimulation has been drawn from the social media, the media of contemporaries. So many social groups have been created by the volunteers as well as the political parties to motivate the youth to take part in the elections. Also, the ever increasing corruptions in the country have led the youth to introspect and inspire them to vote for such candidates who could do well to the nation.

A study carried out in the recent times revealed the fact that most number of the youth have opted to choose NOTA, which otherwise has no promising outcome. As per the Election Commission’s note, NOTA will not restrict the winning factor of any candidate. If more number of votes is polled for NOTA (None of the above) option, then the candidate who stands second will be declared as the winner. It may not have a straight impact in the deciding factor of the winning of any candidate. Nevertheless, a psychological factor would always play a crucial role in the minds of the politicians making them to think of their winning criteria.

Youth participation in the polls is nothing but a derivative of the new media influence. It is a good sign as far as the politics of the huge democratic nation like India is concerned. Youth is the backbone of the growth of any nation. So far, the participation of the youth has been very less. But, with a sort of modernised way of agitation achieved through the social media, a better India can be visualised, hereafter.


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