Chandrababu Naidu’s strategy worked out!!

Just before the commencement of elections, Chandra Babu Naidu has tied up an alliance with the BJP, who otherwise has been criticising the party on communal front. It was a planned move by Naidu, for sure. He might have envisaged the victory of BJP led NDA attaining power in the Centre, long back. Also, he attaining the Chief Minister position in the state could have also been thought off. It might have been his desire to play card in the national politics as well. So, strategically, Naidu has joined hands with the BJP. The splendid victory of TDP in Seemandhra was not alone the credit of Naidu, but also of Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan.

The newly emerging state has so many problems to be faced with. So much of aids and grants will be needed for the construction of the capital city. All these things would be possible only with the preservation of a superior affiliation with the party in power at the Centre. So, joining hands well before the elections with the BJP has now made it very easy – the entire process – for Naidu.

From the other end, the people were shrewd enough to elect their leadership for the newly emerging state, by giving power to Naidu, who has a vast experience of governance for being the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the longest tenure for any Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh i.e. 9 yrs.

Hope every wish of the Seemandhra people may become a veracity under the capable leadership of Naidu and with the support of Modi!!


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2 thoughts on “Chandrababu Naidu’s strategy worked out!!

  1. In the UK Modi is seen as a divisive character associated with a past history of violence, especially towards Muslims. Of course, many controversial politicians in all nations have sometimes become reformed characters and led their nations to greatness. I’ve read that India has now successfully moved away from an “endless Nehru dynasty”. I don’t know from where I’m sitting if this is a good or bad thing. I can only wish India well, and hope that the new administration produces a prosperous and democratic society of equals.


    1. Dear Lionel:

      Of late, I saw this message. There is no doubt that what you have mentioned is correct. Besides that, I personally opine that Modi has a clear vision of what to do and what not to do… to lead the nation in the right path. So, hopefully, in the next five years, things may go as aspired by almost every Indian that India would become a developed country … and not a still developing country even after enjoying 67 years of independence!!


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