KCR given sweet poison by Telangana people

The impressive conquest given to KCR led TRS Party by the people of Telangana has given so much delight and soothing to the revolutionary party that has strived for years to get statehood for Telangana. This is one end of the coin. Nevertheless, the people have given a sweet poison as well to the top brass of the TRS Party from the other side. Wondering why and how? Let’s have a look at the following analysis.

A newly emerging state has lot many problems to be resolved, before they could pave a way for the smooth functioning of the government, for obvious reasons. Amidst lot many expectations people of Telangana got a separate state for them. No matter who attained the reins of power, the people have lot many expectations from the emerging government. They would like to see the miracles overnight. For sure, it would not be a smooth walk on the taxi track. There is so much to be done, before the problems of the people are addressed. Every community of people varying from the agrarian societies to the employees have their own desires to get them turned into a reality within a very short span of time.

Surely, the desires of the people are not unattainable. But, they are time consuming, for any newly emerging state. Nevertheless, the same would be never realised by the general public. At this particular juncture, initially, there would not be any palpable development seen by the people, which ultimately lead for the dissent of the people over the government. It is likely that people may consider the government ineffective too. So, for the ruling government and the leader of the ruling party i.e. KCR, there would definitely be a tough time ahead. In this way, people of Telangana have given KCR, the sweet poison, for sure!!


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