What does Seemandhra people’s verdict speak?

The just publicized results have given a lucid go-ahead for Telugu Desam Party in Seemandhra. The party, without looking for any other party’s prop up would form the government, after the appointed day of the newly emerging state – Andhra Pradesh (residual), on June 2. The judgment given by the people speaks something for sure – that they would like their lot many prospects realised from the first ever government of the new state.

The people of Seemandhra have been looking for the development of their own region that otherwise has been concentrated around Hyderabad, over a period of time. The main focal point for the Seemandhra people would be more or less associated to the construction of their capital city. Naidu has been known for the development of Cyberabad in Hyderabad. It is the confirmation the people of the region have with them. So, for sure, in order to get the capital city built up to their expectations, the only option left with them were Naidu led TDP.

From the other end, the main competitor for Naidu was YS Jagan. His failure has many reasons varying from his track record to lack of experience. Moreover, so many unresolved corruption cases against him were another add-on shortcoming for him. All these problems that are against Jagan have together given tag on advantage to Naidu and his TDP. Also, he joining hands with BJP and Jana Sena Party has given the desired boost.

So much is expected from Naidu, the experienced Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh, by the people of Seemandhra. For a newly emerging state of Seemandhra, there would be many known and unknown problems that would surely get exposed in the process of governance. Overcoming all these, the expectations of the people should be given a rational righteousness in these five years of time. After all these calculations, the people of Seemandhra might have given the power to Telugu Desam Party, it seems!! Only, time can give us the verdict whether the verdict given by the people in the elections would be rewarding or not!!


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