What does Telangana people’s verdict speak?

The just announced results have given a clear mandate for TRS Party in Telangana. The party, without seeking any other party’s support would form the government, after the appointed day of the newly emerging state Telangana, on June 2. The verdict given by the people speaks something for sure – that they want their lot many expectations realised from the first ever government of the new state.

The people of Telangana have been aspiring for their self ruling and self respect. That might be the most probable reason that TRS party, which does not has its presence in Seemandhra, has been given a clear mandate in the general elections.

There were so many promises made by the emerging party during the poll campaigning. Having faith in those promises made by the top brass of the party, the people have unquestionably elected them to power. For a newly emerging state, there would be many known and unknown problems that would surely get unearthed in the process of governance. Overcoming all these, the expectations of the people should be given a reasonable justice in these five years of time. After all these calculations, the people of Telangana might have given the power to TRS Party, it seems!! Only, time can give us the verdict whether the verdict given by the people in the elections would be rewarding or not!!


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