Sir, your dreams have come true today!!

While the entire populace of Telangana were involved in their celebrations that began as early as 6’0 clock on June 1, I was repeatedly recalling Professor Jaya Shankar. I wish he could have seen the celebrations. Who deserves the credit of getting statehood for Telangana is immaterial. Nevertheless, the entire Telangana people would surely attribute the credit to many of which the major share goes to Professor Jaya Shankar. The other stakeholders are the TRS party and its president Kalvakunta Chandrasekhar Rao (more aptly known as KCR), the student martyrs who sacrificed their life for Telangana statehood, the entire Telangana community for being united at all times for the very reason and various political leaders of other prominent parties like Congress Party.

I personally opine that all these stakeholders are collectively responsible for the emerging of Telangana as the 29thstate of India. Nevertheless, the entire Telangana people should remember Prof Jaya Shankar for bringing all of them together. Many people including the research scholars have drawn inspiration from his speeches and literature indubitably. If one person was to speak on Telangana issue and the injustice caused to the region, it was none other than Prof Jaya Shankar.


Politicians may fight for any cause –noble or reduced. So, people, especially the educated elites will never bother for their opinions. However, if it were a scholarly person addressing the swarm, surely, people would listen to him/her. Such a situation was sensible in case of Telangana episode. It was due to the scholarly writings and speeches of Prof Jaya Shankar, most of the people got literally educated on the very issue. Otherwise who knew who Doddi Komaranna, Komaram Bheem, Chakali (Chityala) Ailamma et al were.

I wish Prof Jaya Shankar could have been alive to see the joyous celebrations of Telangana people. Wherever he may be (I suppose, such a noble man has no bereavement) I am sure he might be feeling heavenly!!


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