State division doubles traffic jam!!

With the carving out of Telangana state from the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state, though the state has been bifurcated, the traffic jams on Hyderabad roads have become doubled up. May be wondering what relationship the traffic jam has to do with the state bifurcation. Yes, it does have a relationship.

The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill makes the provision of Hyderabad as the joint capital of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states for as many as 10 years. This makes the presence of doubled up protocol holders in Hyderabad like Chief Ministers, Ministers and various other officials. Many times the traffic needs to be stopped to make a way for the convoys on protocol front. Considering the entire time taken for each convoy as approximated to ½ hr for each passage of convoy, a reasonably good number of vehicles struck up in the traffic jam, on a regular basis, there by further increasing the difficulties of a common man.

Ten years turn to be a reasonably good time. So, there is a dire need to address the situation and make some alternate arrangements. Otherwise, for sure, within no time the worse situation on Hyderabad roads would turn into the worst situation, and may even go beyond that. A timely action is solicited on this matter before the situation becomes intolerable. Hope the concerned authorities would realise the very fact and adopt adequate measures to address the dire situation.


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