Unknown Soldier remembered in calamities, forgotten otherwise!!

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan was a popular slogan given to India by the then Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1965 at a public gathering at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi. The importance of soldiers and farmers was symbolized in this way to the nation. Nevertheless, both the farmers and the soldiers are remembered only during the crisis and calamities.

Let it be an Indo-China war, Indo-Pak war or internal calamities of direct and indirect in nature, it is only the soldiers who are on the leading front. Remember the 26/11 incident of Mumbai, Uttarakhand’s tragic floods in 2013 or the most recent Beas River mishap…wherever and whatever happens adversely, the soldier is remembered. But, I wonder how much respect a soldier is given otherwise. Despite many adverse conditions a soldier gives his life to the nation without expecting anything in return.

The nation as a whole is nonviolent and makes everybody enjoy their own lives. Have you ever thought of the reasons behind such a wonderful life being enjoyed by all of us which are free from all sorts of security related worries? It is just because of the diligent efforts put in by the Indian Armed Forces. They strive round the clock to safeguard our boundaries, our skies and our oceans. The result is of course known to everyone!!??

Here are few things which every individual can adopt from the great qualities uniquely possessed by an unknown soldier from any or all the three services (Army, Navy and Air Force):

  •  The value of discipline in every walk of life
  •  A thirst for adventure
  •  Fortitude to achieve set goals
  •  Practicing Unity in Diversity at all instances
  •  The true value of friendship
  •  Patriotic zeal
  •  Sacrificing for a purpose
  •  High standards of professionalism
  •  Maintaining one’s own integrity while expecting the same from others
  •  Positive attitude at all times
  •  Dependable in times of need

It is not seasonally that a soldier should be respected, but for his invaluable contribution to the nation, a soldier should be revered the most!!


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