Beas River Tragedy: An Analysis

Seeing is believing…so goes a proverb. Most of the people at once got shocked to know about the untoward tragic incident of Beas River mishap in Himachal Pradeshthat happened on June 8, this year. It was only through the narration of colleagues of the victims or the narrations of other eye witnesses that gave a vague picture of what exactly might have happened, people learnt about the tragic episode.

By the end of the second day of the tragic Beas River incident, an exclusive video has circulated in all sorts of video compatible media like Televisions, websites and or allied platforms. One advantage the web media has is the multimedia compatibility with an add-on advantage of immediacy. That has become a vital tool of the present day.

No sooner the exclusive video sources was available than the source video went viral around the world. However, the cause of concern is what does the fact of going viral of the ibid video speaks. Do the audience really want to know the fact or otherwise through such videos is an unanswered wonder.

If some were interested to know what went wrong behind such a tragedy, few others have been interested in playing the blame game. Truly, the only people who are the losers of this tragedy are the family members of the victims an no one else. It is not the time to play the blame game rather it is the time to condole and console the bereaved families.

It’s the human nature that individuals appreciate only those facts which they want to hear from the source. Otherwise, there would be a strong opposition on the opinions expressed by the source.

Truly, if we analyse the last minute happenings of the video of the tragic incident, the reason for both why few students got saved and few other students got entrapped remains the same. Yes, it’s true!! The only matter that played the key role is the reaction time. Nothing else!! Had those students who got victimised in the tragedy could have been reacted well in time; a great tragedy could have been avoided!!


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