Who’s the ultimate loser – Telangana or Andhra Pradesh?


Ever since Telangana has been carved out of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, both Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh have been facing some or other problems related to various issues. Most dominating problems in the row are the Polavaram issue, power distribution and water allocations between the states.

It’s not even one month that the two states started functioning independently, but they differ in many issues. While Telangana state assembly has unanimously passed a resolution to keep the caved areas under Polavaram project in Telangana, the Andhra Pradesh state assembly has passed a contradictory resolution on the very issue.

From one end, the Andhra Pradesh state reorganisation bill has allocated the power distribution between the two states based on their consumption requirements, from the other end the state government of Andhra Pradesh has been striving for the cancellation of PPAs.

In a similar vein, while Andhra Pradesh demands for 10TMCs of water from Nagarjuna Sagar project, Telangana state denies the same and agrees to give only 3.6TMCs water, that too with the meddling of CWC.

Just during the first session of Andhra Pradesh state assembly, most of the MLAs wanted to hasten up the process of establishing their state assembly as early as possible at their own place. None other than the speaker of Andhra Pradesh state assembly, Kodela Shiva Prasad Rao, has also opined the same.

All these happenings have taken place in the neonate stage of these two states. The boat has to be sailed very long. But, in the earlier stage itself there have been many blows that could ultimately lead for an enmity between the two states, which may last for generations together.

The actual show and tussle between the two states lies between the representatives of people or the so called politicians. But, the actual sufferers would be ultimately the common people. Yes, its’ true!! If there is no power supply, no politician would ever have the problems led by power cut for they do have alternate resources like power generators at their area of residence and at their offices. But, for a common man it means so much. Similarly, if water is not available for drinking purposes, it is the common man who faces a pathetic situation and not the rich politicians. Finally, if Polavaram is constructed against the wishes of the tribal people, ultimately they would only suffer.

No battle is ever won in peace. In the history there are no evidences that the emperors were happy to win a battle by losing so much. It’s not the time to fight. For everything there will be an amicable solution for sure. One needs to dig out for that amicable solution; and for that there is always a need for the involvement of the experts along with the politicians. Let an individual be an Andhrite or a Telanganite; be a woman or a man… so on and so forth, after all we are all human beings and we do all aspire to live in peace.

Let’s hope that the two states would realise the needs of the people and come forward to cooperate with each other!! Otherwise, the prevailing situation of tit for tat for tit will not have any end in the future. It’s better to nip in the bud all problems, instead of allowing them for expansion. Folks, just think!!


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