KTR an immaculate orator

The Information and Technology Minister K Tarakarama Rao, more aptly known as KTR, has delivered an impeccable speech on Friday (June 27, 2014), at an interactive session organised by the government with managements of over 150 IT companies.

Certainly the speech delivered by KTR typifies the gift of gab owned by him. Varying from the delivering style to the body language, everything was unimpeachable. A right person in the right jobs adds an advantage to the entire show – the same was flagrant in the meeting.

IT industries are mostly MNCs that have an impact in the international arena. In a new state of Telangana, the employment generation is a must to lead the state towards the progression. It is better to develop the proven area further and further than making new experiments. Hopefully, it might be the vision of KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana, as well. Appointing KTR as the IT Minister is indubitably the right choice made by KCR.

The analysis goes like this: First impression is the best impression…so goes a dictum. Any company delegate who wishes to establish a firm in Telangana state would certainly get impressed with such oratory qualities in a person that otherwise are possessed by a blessed few. There is no second thought that KTR is one among those few and has been rightly chosen for the designated task.

In my opinion, KCR is truly a far-sighted leader. Else, he could have not allotted IT ministry to KTR and irrigation ministry to Harish Rao. These are the two prime areas that need much attention and dedication in the independent stage that is still in neonate stage. It’s not that the others may not be befitting to these portfolios. See how wisely Dr. Rajaiah has been made the Health Minister by KCR. Can it be thought of replacing Rajaiah with KTR or any other MLA for that matter, at any instance? In order to understand the issues pertaining to a specified filed, the minimal qualification is a must – may it be the experience gained either through experience or by academic qualification.


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