Little bit sense of responsibility can avert tragedies!

During the last month, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states have seen two major tragedies in which almost 50 people lost their lives. First it was the Beas River tragedy in Himachal Pradesh wherein 24 students of VNR VJIET college of Hyderabad have lost their lives and then it was the tragedy caused due to the GAIL pipeline leakage.

For both these tragedies, the main reason has been the reckless attitude of the authorities concerned. Prevention is always better than cure. But, the question is how far we are prepared to undertake the preventive measures. No sooner a tragic incident takes place than all the authorities, politicians and various volunteer organisations come together to grieve for such incidents. Why can’t the authorities take adequate measures to avert all such incidents? It’s only the preparedness and some sort of agility based responsibility to combat the situation that alone could prevent many such accidents.

I wonder why the governments which come forward to order an immediate probe investigation after the happening of any of the tragic incidents fail to show same swiftness to order for adaption of preventive measures. There is a need to revitalise system. We wait till something to go wrong before we act in the curing manner. Why it is so?

The attitude of Chal ra hai to chal ne do (literally means if it is manageable with the prevailing state, let it be like that) would be certainly proven worse. For sure, there will be one such instant wherein everyone will be lamenting for the failed preventive measures, if the same is not adopted timely. It’s not late even now to wake up and realise the lacunas that have taken a wrong stride, so far. Nobody needs to put in an extra effort for all this other than doing his duty to the best of his efforts and following the chain of command in a desired manner.


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