Modi’s meaningful comment

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, on Tuesday (June 30, 2014), after the successful launch of PSLV-C23 that carried five foreign satellites to space, said that the cost of sending an Indian Rocket to space was less than the money invested into the film Gravity. Gravity is a British-American film starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock that got released in 2013. The total expenditure incurred for the movie was $ 100 that amounts to Rs 600cr in Indian Currency.

Yes, it’s true that the expenditure incurred towards a Satellite Launching Vehicle is far less than $100 that manifestly used for the production of Gravity, a film. These are two different walks of life and everything has its own important for sure. Nevertheless, the returns we get out of a successful launch of a rocket for satellite communications is far more than what a movie gives.


I happened to listen to the speech of Narendra Modi and paid a keen attention to these words of him, “I have heard about the movie Gravity…the cost of sending the Indian rocket to space is less than the money invested in the movie”.

Truly, I second his words without any qualm. By these words, surely, Narendra Modi might have intended to say the capabilities of Indian scientists, apart from bringing out the progression that India is making on a regular front.

I make a different analysis on this. Even the Indian movies have crossed the limit of Rs 100cr budget. Many such movies have been released in the past, and few others are under production. Vernacular movies are not an exception for the same. I personally feel that it’s not the budget that governs the success or failure of a movie. There are instances wherein the small budgeted movies have created history. While stating this, I do remember the movie Angrez produced with a meagre expenditure of Rs 5L or so, and has created a sensation during that time.

My intention in this milieu is open and self explanatory – why not to hold back the expenditure on movie production (I say it with a presumption that even a low budget movie can do miracles if there is a stuff) by the film makers to divert those residuary funds in other useful sectors (may not be necessarily in rocket projects), which could ultimately pave India to take a step ahead of progression!!


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