KCR’s one month as Chief Minister: An analysis

As the Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR has completed one month already. During this one month he has shown his impact certainly. Right from grabbing the attention of all sectors of people to satisfying the government employees with his promises like getting a weekly off for the policemen etc, everything had his own brand image.

Nothing more could have been expected from the Chief Minister of a newly formed state within a short period of a month. His unstinting efforts and the number of hours spent for carrying out the review meetings were palpably seen during this one month’s period.

It is not beyond belief to say that even the concerned officials were dumbfounded when KCR has put forward the statistical data. His readiness and preparedness is creditable. This is all one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin is – no sooner he sworn-in as the Chief Minister along with 11 other ministers, he started facing a denigration for not including any member from Mahabubnagar and Khammam districts; and also for not having any representation of either women or scheduled tribes in his cabinet.

Nativity factor, which has not been officially announced so far, has become another hot topic in the two states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Yes, of course, some may welcome his moves and some others may not welcome. But, surely these two issues along with few other minor issues have become the points for the opposition parties to have criticise KCR led TRS government. Akarsh programme undertaken by TRS Party has also been equally criticised for as many as 2 MLAs and 9 MLCs got attracted to TRS Party as desired and dragged Congress Party into catch 22 spot. Now, Congress Party is in an impasse whether they would get the Council’s Chairman post or not.

After looking at both sides of the coin, of course, KCR’s one month journey is seems to be blossoming in the right direction, which may require few curative measures recommended by the experts in their relevant fields.


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