Ashok Babu is just a closed chapter?

Ashok Babu was the name that made rounds during the Samaikyandhra agitation. Almost every day, all newspapers and news channels used to cover some or other news related to him. He became prominent among the masses more than the political leaders during that time and became legendary within no time. He was discharged at the same speed at which he was charged before.

Coincidentally, on the same day i.e. on Thursday (July 3, 2014) – from one end the Telangana government has taken away the lands previously assigned to APNGOs and from the other end the tribunal has passed its verdict and said that the appointment of Ashok Babu as the director of APNGO’s Housing Society was not legitimate.

Previously, it was alleged that with the support extended by the then Chief Minister Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy only, Ashok Babu had become uncontrolled and shown monarch like behaviour. At sometimes, he declared that he was not interested in the politics and at some other instances he contradicted his own statements and said that if it was needed, he would enter politics to fight for the cause. He reportedly decided to join the Samaikyandhra Party and dropped in between. Of course, the founder himself could not dare to contest in the polls on his own party ticket.

Yes, it’s true that people approach someone only when they are in power. Else, nobody ever care. I do remember the story which I recently read somewhere about the eminent leader Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu. He was visited by many people on his birthday to greet him when he was in power. But, allegedly Panthulu didn’t show interest in meeting them and not given any appointment to them to meet him. The thwarted people then took a return path. Later, Prakasam Panthulu was asked by his PA that why should he have demoralised them. In response, reportedly Prakasam Panthulu said that they came to meet him not with affection, but the power he was enjoying dragged them there. Also, reportedly Prakasam asked his PA to monitor the same day when he wouldn’t be in power whether there would be any visitor to greet him. As said by Prakasam the very next year when Prakasam was not in power was visited by none to greet him. It is of course, history!!

Nevertheless, Ashok Babu’s case is the clear evidence for the same in the contemporary era, in my opinion. People are respected only when they enjoy power and otherwise not!! So, Ashok Babu may remain only a closed chapter, hereafter!!


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