Do you know Sita Sahu?

If Maria Sharapova said that she was not aware who Sachin Tendulkar was, the entire media made it an issue and telecasted various special programmes on that. But, how many among us really know who Sita Sahu is? Sita Sahu, a double Olympian medallist, has to struggle to make her livelihood turned to be a `Pani Puri` seller, just due to the official lack of concern, dragging her into financial destitution.

Many people might haven’t been aware about Sita Sahu, a barely 15yr old girl who made India proud by winning a bronze medal each in the 200 and 1600 meter race in Special Olympics held in Athens in the year 2011.

Before the commencement of the events, it was announced by the then Social justice minister Gopal Bhargava that cash prizes of Rs 1L for gold, Rs 75,000 for silver and Rs 50,000 for bronze medal winners would be given. Being the winner of Bronze medal in two events, Sita should have got Rs 1L prize money. But, the promises made just to be broken. Instead of focussing on her talent, the little girl became a Pani Puri vendor.

The same media which highlights the buzz of celebrities keeps mum on such special people for unknown reasons. Let’s wish that every media organisation feels proud to come forward and furnish the news world even with such issues so that the concerned government authorities may come down to help and support the talent which is owned only by a blessed few!!


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