Scapegoats in KCR, Chandrababu’s fight

The state bifurcation of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh eventually yanked into many predicaments. Many hot issues emulate the adversities being faced by the people of either state. Issues like the pronouncement of deciding the nativity of the students for the fee reimbursement or the condition of the people of the submerging villages of Polavaram Project are the factual examples. The ultimate scapegoats are the common populace.

At times, the situation of the general public turns to be very grave. Consider the affair of the students who are likely to be impinged on. All these days, since the beginning, many students might have carried out their studies at one state, but by virtue of the imposed nativity factor they might not be considered for the fee reimbursement scheme. The Chief Minister KCR on Wednesday contradicted the statement of the Andhra Pradesh government that students have been migrating to other states for their studies, stating that those who can afford to pay the fees in other states do not need any fee reimbursement. Yes, it’s a valid point. But, the million dollar question in this milieu is how many such students are seeking the fee reimbursement. The genuine students should not suffer in the deadly game.

Polavaram Project issue has seen identical opposition and support. It has been represented by various media channels as the victory of Andhra Pradesh over Telangana. But, in my opinion it is neither the victory of Andhra Pradesh nor the defeat of Telangana. After all, if it’s a matter of fraternity, it’s only the defeat of the tribal people of submerging villages. Like state bifurcation issue, Polavaram issue has been a sensitive issue. The wise move in this case could have been the rehabilitation of the affected people first and then to approve the bill. But….!!

For the ruling governments, there may be so many factors to be considered in the offstage, for sure, before taking a vital decision. But, in the cloud of all such impositions, the crucial factor of putting government itself in the general public shoe is always forgotten. If this is considered in point of fact by all governments, may be the decisions taken would always become the welcoming moves. In view of the above, the ultimate scapegoats are the general public. Is it not so?!


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