Masaipet school bus incident: Whose fault?

There is no doubt that on the fateful morning of Thursday, many parents have been left with nothing else than the heartache caused due to the loss of their kids’ lives. It is evident that early on Thursday, a school bus belonging to Kakatiya School was hit by a Nanded Passenger train at Masaipet of Yeldurthi mandal in Medak district. As many as 26 students fear dead in the incident. At the time of the incident there were 38 students present on the bus.

It is learnt that the railway gate always remains unguarded; and in the past many a times such untoward incidents have occurred at the same spot. Though it is the driver of the school bus who has been blamed for the accident, equally all the concerned authorities should be blamed without any hesitation. Why not the railway gate opening remains unguarded is to be answered first, before making a deep inquiry into the matter.

Prevention is always better than the cure and the palpable reckless attitude of authorities is seen behind such an untoward incident. It’s only when something goes wrong then we realize about the importance of something and not always. Why it is so? Tragedy after tragedy has been taking place and where is an end to it. It’s a case of pure human error and nothing more than that. It’s better late than never. So wake up my fellow citizens and work for a better society!!


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