Isn’t Golconda fort a right choice for ID celebrations?

Hyderabad city has a very rich heritage and culture of more than 400 years. Of the many historical places that attained their importance in Hyderabad, Golconda fort is one. It isalso known as GolKonda or Golla konda which literally means the Hill of Shepherd. Even after many years of its construction, the ruined fort is still maintaining its grandeur and attracts many visitors. Golconda fort is geographically situated to the west of Hyderabad.


This historical monument Golconda Fort has been reportedly chosen by the ruling Telangana state government for holding official state government’s Independence Day Parade and other cultural events. So far, the Parade Ground in Secunderabad has been the venue for the Independence Day and Republic Day Parades. However, the Telangana state government wants to shift the venue to Golconda Fort. Both the Telangana state Chief Secretary and the DIG have been instructed to carry out a recce operation for the feasibility of holding the ID events at the Golconda Fort premises.


Traditionally, the great monument like Red Fort in Delhi has been the venue for the Independence Day celebrations at the national level. So, why can’t the cultural monument like Golconda Fort with a heritage of more than 400 years pertaining to the local people could be the venue for the Independence Day celebrations in the newly emerged state of Telangana?


At Golconda Fort, if it becomes feasible for holding all regular events like parade and cultural events, which otherwise happened at Secunderabad Parade Grounds till this time, Golconda Fort will be the most suitable venue for the Independence Day celebrations. Is it not so??!!


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