KCR’s policy: Better late than never

Time and again KCR countered the comments made by the leaders of opposition parties who have been stating that nothing has happened even after 2 months of functioning of the TRS government in the newly emerged state of Telangana. Of course, most of the time KCR has been busy these two months only with many number of review meetings and assessing the situation.

Though the last cabinet meeting took vital decisions on many key issues, they have not taken a solid form so far. On the Wednesday (August 6, 2014) meeting at the Prof Jayashankar Agriculture University, the Chief Minister of Telangana KCR said that for 30 more days everything would remain as it is, shattering the comments made by the senior Congress Party and BJP leaders. He also said that the government wants to do everything just in a right manner.


The question that arises in this milieu is whether what KCR has been doing is correct or not. The impressive takeover given to KCR led TRS Party by the people of Telangana in the recent elections might have given so much delight and comforting to the revolutionary party that has strived for years to get statehood for Telangana. This is one end of the coin. Yet, the people have given a sweet poison from the other end to the top brass of the TRS Party.

The newly emerged state has lot many problems to be resolved, before they could pave a way for the smooth functioning of the government, for obvious reasons. Amidst lot many expectations people of Telangana got a separate state for them. No matter who attained the reins of power, the people have lot many expectations from the emerging government. The people would like to see the miracles overnight. For sure, it would not be a smooth walk in the corridor. There is so much of groundwork to be undertaken before the problems of the people are addressed. Every community of people varying from the agrarian societies to the employees has their own desires to get them turned into a reality within a very short span of time.

Without any doubt, the desires of the people are all attainable. Yet, they are time consuming for any newly emerging state. Nevertheless, this veracity of facts is understood only by a few people.

In view of the above, at the outset there would not be any palpable development seen by the people, which ultimately lead to the dissent of the people over the government. It is likely that people may consider the government ineffective too. Taking it as a chance, the opposition parties would perceptibly try to demean the functioning of the government for apparent reasons.

The need of the hour is qualitative development and just not mere quantitative moves. The government needs only to undertake a few schemes at a time and chalk out all modalities before implementing the same. The need is to take one step at a time and complete the step perfectly instead of wandering without any aim. Consider the example of Jalayagnam Scheme in this milieu. The scheme has very good objectives but taking up the projects all at a time could not even realize even a single project.

To overcome such failures a five step formula as appended below is suggested.

Hopefully, KCR has been considering a similar plan (may not be in the exact manner). So, in this entire process, there will a sure delay. Such delay is reasonable. It is better late than never!! Sabr ka phal mitha hota hai (The fruit that patience bears have been always sweet). Let’s wait and see what KCR’s government is about to do!!


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