What does opposition mean? Is it only opposing every decision taken by the government ?

“The TRS government has completed two months term by now. Yet, there is no palpable progression in the state” has been the routine and recurring statement given by almost all leaders of the opposition parties in Telangana. From the other side, KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana, has been countering the same stating that he won’t be hurrying in doing the things. He said he wants time to take up the things in a desired and in a suitable manner. Of course, in most of the cases, the issues undertaken without a proper planning turn futile. So, what KCR talks about is rather defensible.

No government could be assessed just within a short span of time. Also, a newly emerged state like Telangana had additional problems to be resolved at the time of its emergence as the 29th state of India. The current situation in the state as well as in the country gives us the impression that the opposition is to oppose everything. In a democratic country like India the roles to be played by both ruling and opposition parties are equally important and there is ne second thought about it. If the same is not realised, the very purpose of being a democratic country would be defeated.

Both the ruling and opposition parties need to have respect for each other’s version and everything should not be seen in a deliberate negative way. I would like to refer to the opinion presented by the ex- BJP MP late Pramod Mahajan. In the year 1997 there was a no confidence motion taken up against the leadership of H.D. Deve Gowda, the then Prime Minister of India, of his alleged poor leadership. The Congress Party has withdrawn the support from the United Front government on Mar 30, 1997. During this episode, in the debate undertaken by the Lok Sabha, the late BJP MP Pramod Mahajan has stated that the ruling party is like ghee and the opposition party is like the container in which the ghee is preserved. His statement is the most beautiful way of explaining the importance of the ruling and opposition parties. We cannot imagine a democratic nation without any opposition. However, the question that bothers is whether the opposition is to oppose everything undertaken by the ruling party? Of course, everyone says no as their answer. But the situation in the contemporary Indian politics advocates the very issue in a reversed manner.

Coming back to the Telangana case, the TRS led ruling government in Telangana has been criticised in all possible ways. Also, the ruling TRS party has been reacting to every comment made by the opposition parties, which is truly redundant. If the TRS party has a true vision, it’s good and the government needs to prove their ability by their actions and not by counter attacking the comments made by leaders of the opposition. After all, actions speak better than words.

A similar situation prevails in the Centre. The opposition is always there to oppose the ruling government and ever ready to criticise the functioning of the government. Miracles won’t happen in a short period of time like 1 month or two months. This veracity of fact should be borne in the minds of the people. The concept of Inertia of motion is valid even in the functioning of the governments. The changeover from one government to another won’t make the changes possible overnight. If so is the case why an elected government in India should be given tenure for 5 years? Is it not a point to ponder?

It is the duty of both ruling and opposition parties to communicate the facts to the people and not to misguide them. The statements of the political leaders should not confuse the people. After all, both the ruling and opposition party leaders claim them to be for the people, of the people and by the people. Just give it a thought and prove the democratic spirit in both letter and spirit!!


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