YouTube is prime choice for silver screen promotions

By mid 90s Indian skies were invaded by the foreign media channels, thereby rewriting the history of Indian mass media. From the other end, the Internet which is known as the eighth wonder of the world turned to be the most favorite mass medium of the contemporaries. Collectively these Satmass media (a word coined by the author) have flourished in India with their unimpeachable impact. The conventional media received a threat from the flourishing of these Satmass media. But, the promoters of silver screen started better utilizing these new media with the most relevant applications like YouTube.

Every teaser of an upcoming movie uses the YouTube platform to get the first impact of the movie. It is not an astonishing fact, if said that the hits for the movie teaser on YouTube is directly proportional to the success of the movie after its release. Understanding the importance of YouTube videos, the silver screen promoters have been very alert to bring out and upload the first teasers, very effectively.

Gone are the days when the movies used to be promoted through the conventional media like Print and Radio. It is the era of Satmass media, more specifically the Internet that has been ruling the world, virtually. Every area has its impact and film industry is not an exception for the same.


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