Intensive Household Survey hints a need for cutback in census period

The Intensive Household Survey which was prestigiously undertaken by the state government of Telangana has become a grand success. Apart from achieving what the survey was intended for, it has revealed a few other facts which should be considered at an appropriate level. According to the statistics, the historic Telangana survey that covered 1.05 crore households saw an increase in the number of households in the state by nearly 19 lakhs since the last census undertaken in 2011. In the 10 districts of Telangana as many as 1.05 crore households were covered as part of the Intensive Household Survey on August 19.

In Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation limits alone, a total of 19.43 lakh households were surveyed against the 16 lakh during the 2011 Census. In the same way, in Ranga Reddy, 8, 40, 590 houses were surveyed against 7.41 lakh in 2011. In other Telangana districts too, households increased significantly when compared to 2011 census figures.

All these facts collectively indicate that 10 year interval for the census which has been in practice in India is a surely a long period that needs to be cutback by half at least, in order to ensure accurate estimations in many government schemes as well as in other connected issues.


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