Who should decide Intensive Household Survey’s success?

An intensive household survey was taken up across Telangana on a single day i.e. on August 19 in what was billed as the first exercise of its kind anywhere in India. The Telangana government took it very prestigiously and prepared all stakeholders for the ibid survey over a period of time.


KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana, held that the survey was a super hit. He said, “It is a Super hit survey and a bold move. The government will utilise the data for assessing the population of the new state and Hyderabad city. Originally, we thought Hyderabad has a population of about 75 lakh people but now it appears there are 1.20 crore”. He opined that such an exercise should be replicated all over the country.


As usual the leaders of opposition once again brushed aside the criticism and made allegations that the survey was aimed at singling out people from Andhra Pradesh living in Hyderabad. Ponnala Lakshmaiah, the TPCC chief wondered how KCR could declare the survey as a super hit even before the conclusion. Amidst many such action and counteractions, the survey was completed.


Around the state it was a virtual shutdown on the day of the survey. Even the Kairatabad x-roads, the busiest road in the twin cities was very free and wide opened on August 19. Such a scene was never experienced in the past. During the Sankranthi festival, every year, the roads sometime appear without any traffic jam – but not to certain level, for sure.


The question here is who should decide the success or failure of the survey? As usual the ruling party said it was a success while the opposition parties mentioned it as a created success.


Whosoever may so anything that deems fit to their own ideas, but the statics always reveal the facts. The statistics let slip that the historic Telangana survey that covered 1.05 crore households saw an increase in the number of households in the state by nearly 19 lakhs since the last census undertaken in 2011. Also, people took part in it a great deal, clearly giving us the evidence that the survey was a success without any doubt.


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