Ice Bucket or Rice Bucket: Charity requires

Ice Bucket or Rice Bucket: Charity requires no driving force!

The ALS awareness drive in the U.S. has turned now into an inquisitive game all around the world. It has triggered a sort of private antagonism among the celebrities. One after another, celebrities started undertaking the Ice Bucket Challenge, clearly indicating that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a source of publicity, apart from raising funds for a noble cause.

Likewise , Manju Latha Kalanidhi, a Hyderabadi, has come up with a natty way to lend a hand to the people in need with the Rice Bucket Challenge truly, inspired by Ice Bucket Challenge publicised by global charity chain to spread awareness about the disease ALS. Nevertheless, the challenge has been so far undertaken only by the general public.


There is only a singular similarity between the two that the objective of both the challenges is to help the needy. Nevertheless the two contradict in many ways. Here come few of such differences:


  • Ice Bucket Challenge originated in the U.S. in 2013 itself but became popular only after July 25, 2014, whereas Rice Bucket Challenge has its roots in Hyderabad and is still in its neonate stage yet acquired a huge popularity.
  • Ice Bucket Challenge without any such intention causes so much wastage of water whereas Rice Bucket Challenge is not so.
  • Ice Bucket Challenge got a good response from the celebrities and the top echelons of the society whereas Rice Bucket Challenge became popular among the general public.


Let it be the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Rice Bucket Challenge, but, charity needs no publicity. Charity is truly an intrinsic point of view and should come from within and not without. If one intends to help the needy people truly, there are many people we come across daily who needs a helping hand. Caring for all such people is more than enough. I harangue that charity should begin at home and do not require any triggering force. Is it not so? Give it a thought!!


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