Why doesn’t KCR think of this ‘pink’ concept?

KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana, has already made his only one of its kind impact with the introduction of the hi-tech police patrolling vehicles in Hyderabad. He has many similar plans in the pipeline for obvious reasons as he wishes to see a ‘Golden Telangana’ in a stipulated time frame.


Placed below is the image of London Road. The pink coloured area is earmarked exclusively for the women. If KCR thinks of a similar concept while widening and renovating the roads, the same can serve two purposes.

First of all, the women can pass through the roads smoothly and safely. Also, the roads in an indirect manner uphold the TRS Party for pink colour being their party’s official colour.


Isn’t this a good idea that can hit two birds with a single shot?


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