5Rs of waste management

At a time when the individuals in particular and the society as a whole are wasting so much of natural resources, there arises a need to safeguard the environment by various means that includes effective waste management.

A cyclic waste management process can very well address the waste management, thereby safeguarding the environmental squalor to a great extent. The process known as 5R’s of waste management is the need of the hour. The following are the so called 5R’s of waste management:

  • Stage-I – Rethink: In this stage it should be considered in what manner the waste management can be efficiently undertaken in the business perspective.
  • Stage-II – Redesign: In this second stage planning on various issues like production, service and the process involved in the same may be thought of.
  • Stage-III – Reduce: The reduction in burning up, packaging and procurement could be chalked out in this stage.
  • Stage-IV – Reuse: This is the most important stage, wherein the ideas related to the scrap, various other materials and packaging is worked out.
  • Stage-V – Recycle: This is the final stage wherein the crucial steps like recycling various waste materials and the process of upcycling is undertaken.

Once the entire cyclic process is completed return back to the stage-I and check if any flaws were observed during the entire process. Considering the same, the entire process can be repeated for the effective waste management practice.


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