AP’s new capital decision in whose interest?

Though an official statement by Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, concerning the new capital city of residuary Andhra Pradesh in the state assembly is still awaited, it is an open secret that a place in the proximity of Vijayawada-Guntur is going to be the new capital city of the state, for sure.


Keeping aside the guidelines provided by the specially appointed Sivaramakrishnan committee, a decision on the matter concerned is almost made final in the last cabinet meeting.

The million dollar question here is in whose interest the decision has been taken? In a phased and planned manner the chosen area has been infused into the minds of the entire populace of the state that a place near Vijayawada is going to be the new capital. Such an attempt has without doubt served many purposes. The land rates have been increased in steeps and bounds. The news that made rounds in this regard has led to the real-estate business to reach its zenith in a very little span of time.


Definitely, some veiled and vested interest is there behind such a decision, reportedly. Rayalaseema people have been demanding for the capital in their region, which has been not considered, so far. Nevertheless, every now and then P. Narayana, one of the two Deputy Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh, comes out in front of the media and gives a hint that a place near Vijayawada is going to be the new capital of residuary Andhra Pradesh or sometimes he opens up and tells that Visakhapatnam has no scope to make it as the capital city, so on and so forth. As opined by many analysts, this was intended to mould the people’s mind in a phased manner, apart from achieving some out of sight interests. Whatsoever may be the case, a debate on this very issue is a must, before arriving at a final decision. Is it not so?


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