It’s Dhoni’s style!!

Soon after a great defeat, Dhoni always comes back with his splendid captaincy to fasten the chops of all those who adversely commented just before. Yes, it has become a customary craze indeed. It is not the first time that the skipper has come back with a befitting reply, but it is one more such time to the previous cases. Actions speak louder than words…it is true in case of Dhoni.

There is no doubt that Dhoni has proven himself as the best captain of cricket in India with his most recent record of being the captain of Indian team who fetched most number of one day victories.


Success and failures are the two sides of the same coin. It is not fair to comment dreadfully negative if something goes beyond strategy – and praise highly in the case of success. For that matter both are not good, as far as the morale of a team is concerned. Every captain has his own game strategy, which may sometimes work as envisaged and may not work some other times. It’s after all a matter of choice. Dhoni’s success surely gives out the indication of standing up for own beliefs, which ultimately reinstate his acclaimed position.


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