KCR’s silence itself is a furtive strategy?

Despite the fact that KCR was criticised by the leaders of opposition parties, at times KCR keeps unvoiced; and every time he opens up after a long period of silence, he just roars. Yes, it has been his modish strategy. In this milieu I would like to refer to a beautiful dictum in Telugu – “మౌనం ఒక రహస్య ఆయుధం”.

KCR is considered as contemporary Chanakya by most of his fans. At times his silence itself speaks more than what is intended. There are instances wherein the leaders of opposition instigate him to open up, out of a hidden fear about the silence he maintains.


In the previous instances, he was adversely taken into account by the leaders of opposition for inviting few leaders into TRS and offering them the MLA tickets, just before the general elections. But, surely such a move has given the desired results and brought TRS into power. Even in this instance, KCR has been criticised for taking Tummala Nageshwara Rao into the party and opening the doors for few other TDP leaders. But, the same strategy of maintaining silence is followed even now by KCR.


There are the cases of previous instances wherein his breaking up of silence created Tsunamis and given the desired results. What would happen now, if he breaks the silence is a matter of suspense for time being!


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